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"Work is the curse of the drinking class"

Born in 2006, with the intention of bringing a small piece of Ireland to an area already abound with culture, it was a quiet day in East Lansing when the Irish first came to ponder the fate of the 72-year-old building, now home to the Dublin Square Irish Pub & Restaurant. These artisans arrived straight from the birthplace of Guinness; the famed Saint James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Using all of their knowledge and intuitive skills they slowly turned the vision of the owners into reality.

The 8,000 square foot interior of the pub, including the massive hand carved mahogany bar, was constructed in Dublin, then shipped and re-assembled in East Lansing by the same skilled craftsmen that built her. Many of the artifacts inside are actual contents from the very first stout brewery of Ireland, even the Guinness barrels are bound by metal from the actual railroad tracks leading into the brewery. The timber in the cottage and brewery areas were reclaimed from an aging barn owned by a farmer who supplied barley to the famous Guinness brewery in the 1800's.

At Dublin Square Irish Pub & Restaurant, we celebrate the Craic; the essence and spirit of intimate surroundings. A place with no worries, great food, great drinks, and great conversation with close friends. We hope you enjoy this small slice of Ireland and appreciate our commitment to superior service in the Irish way.

To those who are not allowed the simple pleasures of these Irish surroundings, we say to them...

"Work is the curse of the drinking class." Cheers!

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